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Spring Makes For Active Wildlife!

by William Hogan on 05/20/19

Well spring has finally arrived here in the Northeast!  As restless as we all get in the winter, most of our wildlife friends also look forward to better weather and therefore getting more active.  This can bring on added issues to us as drivers in Bucks County especially when it comes to our favorite, Deer..  They can be an issue at any time of day, but especially in early evening and at night.  They tend to be more active as the day cools, and more reckless in the spring.  A couple thoughts and ideas for dealing with the deer as a driving issue:

We teach a "visual search pattern" that helps someone hopefully identify the deer before they appear in our path of travel driving.  As you go down the road, especially the two lane roads throughout our area, you want to visually scan from off the road on your right, then slowly bring your focus to the edge of the road on your left.  This is not an erratic, quick movement of your eyes, but a fairly deliberate back & forth.  So as your moving your eyes, if something changes in front of you, you'll be able to identify it and react.  But this also allows you to see the deer an extra couple seconds before they're right in front of you, therefore creating a bit of extra time to react.
We also believe in using high beam lights as often as possible at night to make your visual work easier!  Just remember to turn them off as you identify traffic coming at you in opposite direction as you'll be "blinding" the oncoming driver.
Any questions on any of these ideas, feel free to call us or drop us an email.  Safe travels to everyone and enjoy the weather..

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