Our Mission And Our Value

by William Hogan on 05/01/24

We recently had a phone call with a parent in the area who called to inquire about our programs and cost.  This parent had been referred by the mother of a recent student, John Daniel who was the fifth member of the Daniel family we had taught to drive going back to his oldest sister Emma who we worked with 10 years ago.  The caller inquired as to whether we would administer a road test for their teenager at the end of their lessons with us and their 6 month junior driver/permit term.  We explained that we a number of years ago chose not to become a private test center here in Bucks County as we felt it was a conflict of interest to teach a teen to drive, then be the same people who administer their test and approve them to be a licensed driver in this state!  They then questioned why we didn't do 2 hour driving lessons "like all the other driving schools do"?  So our mission in almost 21 years has never changed..  We set out to be the best driving school in Lower Bucks with the premier value in getting students prepared to both pass a road test, as well as be thoughtful, able drivers when they do attain their license!  As we explained to this parent, "does your teen take math class for two hours in high school everyday"?  Of course not, but why is that?  Because they wouldn't be concentrating for that long..  So why would anyone, including other driving schools in this area think a new driver should be out on the road learning to drive for two solid hours at a time?  In our perspective, this is simply foolish and proves to us that all those other schools are just providing the goal of getting in the time that the state of PA. wants teens to have with formal lessons as quickly as possible and with the stated goal in many of our competitors cases to get your son or daughter to pass their road test!  We do a six hour program that consists of 5 lessons not 3!  We're not doing more than hour-and-half lessons at the most and we're working in a number of real life driving environments that other schools do not get involved in including inner-city driving.  And we're not going to do a lesson every 5 days or so, we're going to tell parents that we're going to need them to be part of the process, get involved in driving with their teen, and we'll do a lesson roughly every 2 1/2-3 weeks to allow them to get comfortable/confident/able in one driving environment before we go on to the next.  We're going to focus on test prep at the end of our programs not right in the beginning..  Let's get them to be solid drivers before we get them ready to attain their license!  Then we will very thoroughly prepare them by doing a pretest/dry run of their entire test from A-Z a few days before they take the exam.

So parents, if you want to spend literally hundreds of dollars more to have a driving school get your teen hurried through six hours of lessons a month or so before their road test, we are not the driving school for you and your family!  If you are looking for a partner in the process of making your teenager a sound driver at reasonable cost, then reach out and we'll be happy to explain all the ways we're different over 21 years..

Happy New Year

by William Hogan on 01/02/24

Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to everyone.. We've recently embarked on our 21st year of working with students in Lower Bucks area and worked with more than 140 new students this year! As we finish the year, we wanted to thank all of the families over this last year that trusted us with their most precious commodity, their children in working with them on the important task of becoming a successful young driver.. We're exceptionally proud of our track record of students passing their road test on the first try, but also on the idea of teens who get and understand the responsibility that driving involves! We look forward to continuing our work with the youth of the area and their families as well as the many adults we work with as well in the driving task. Best wishes to all for a healthy, happy, and safe 2024!
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Latest Covid Booster Shots

by William Hogan on 10/31/22

As of October our team of two have both had the latest Covid Omicron booster shots so we can continue to be on top of what is necessary for the health of our client families as well as ourselves.. We hope everyone has a healthy and happy holiday season!

Practice, Practice, Practice

by William Hogan on 04/29/22

We have had a number of situations recently where we're working with students who aren't getting the proper time and exposure to driving other than being with us. The state of PA wants all teens to do a minimum of 65 total hour of behind-the-wheel time before they go take a road test. We work with many families who get engaged in this process with their teens and regularly get them on the road, but we work with others who seem to think it isn't important to have their teens drive other than the 6 or 8 hours they're getting with us. We have made the case for many years that we can get anybody to pass a road test in this state, but 6 or 8 hours of driving isn't going to make ANYONE a good driver! Parents have to be engaged in this process for the sake of developing safe teen drivers. So parents, please make this a priority to get your teens in the car between driving lessons and work on their skills and exposure to different environments. Every 15-20 minutes your teen drives with you is going to make a difference!


by William Hogan on 12/22/21

As of late November our team of two have both had our booster shots! We will continue to be on top of what is necessary for the health of our client families as well as ourselves.. We hope everyone has a healthy and happy holiday season!

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