Our services include: 

- Individual Behind-The-Wheel Lesson Program
    Designed for students 16 and older who already have a valid permit.  Each student receives six or eight hours of one-on-one instruction with a certified instructor.

- Classroom Program
    30 hour state approved program for teens preparing for permit test or teens with a valid permit striving for an insurance discount.  Classroom program consists of 13 sessions and will accommodate 10-11 students per class held once per week.  We work specifically on the mental aspect of driving using the latest textbooks, video aids, and computer simulation to develop good decision making habits.

- Behind-The-Wheel Lessons
    In car lessons on a one at a time basis.  Lessons tailored to the specific aspect of on the road driving a student is looking to master, ie. parallel parking, interstate driving, night driving, etc.

- Senior Driver Evaluations
    One or two hour sessions with senior drivers to evaluate their decision making as well as their physical skills to help families in the difficult task of determining when elderly parents should or shouldn't be out on the road!

- DOT Evaluations
   One or more sessions to help companies determine skill sets for potential employees driving company vehicles


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