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Practice, Practice, Practice

by William Hogan on 04/29/22

We have had a number of situations recently where we're working with students who aren't getting the proper time and exposure to driving other than being with us. The state of PA wants all teens to do a minimum of 65 total hour of behind-the-wheel time before they go take a road test. We work with many families who get engaged in this process with their teens and regularly get them on the road, but we work with others who seem to think it isn't important to have their teens drive other than the 6 or 8 hours they're getting with us. We have made the case for many years that we can get anybody to pass a road test in this state, but 6 or 8 hours of driving isn't going to make ANYONE a good driver! Parents have to be engaged in this process for the sake of developing safe teen drivers. So parents, please make this a priority to get your teens in the car between driving lessons and work on their skills and exposure to different environments. Every 15-20 minutes your teen drives with you is going to make a difference!

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