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Hey Mom and Dad, take advantage of all this "down time"!

by William Hogan on 03/24/20

Well thees are certainly strange times for all of us! Can't say that in the nearly 17 years we've been in business that we've dealt with anything like this virus and how the world is reacting. In conversations over the last 10 days or so with students and parents we've thought about the opportunity that presents itself in these times for teen permit drivers and their parents. Eventually they're going to take a road test right? So why not utilize this "down time" from school and many of the other busy aspects of a typical teen's life to get those hours of driving time in? This is a great time with us having to spend so much time around our families to spend some "quality time" working on developing your teen's skills on the road. Roads aren't terribly busy, so this is a great time to work more in the environments they need more exposure to whether that's out on the interstate merging, or driving around in town, or to work or school. And make sure you're concentrating on the decision making aspect and right of way rules. That's always the part of the driving task that teens need to get stronger at. Feel free to call us if you have any questions on any aspect of working with your teen driver, and we look forward to getting back together with all of you when life gets a bit more normal again!

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